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Loft 2 (Pre-Release)

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Meet the Loft 2

Reimagine the dynamic arch support of professionally applied therapeutic tape

  • Completely redesigned for improved performance and support
  • Fully adjustable, with a reduced profile that fits in most shoes
  • PT, podiatrist, and athlete recommended
  • Machine washable and breathable; compatible with your sweatiest activities
  • Use alone, or for best results, as part of the Arch Massager for best results
  • Includes access to the Alleviate Arch Exercise Program for comprehensive at-home treatment of foot pain

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Alleviate’s shipping policy?

We offer free shipping for orders over $100 in the contiguous United States.  Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will be calculated at checkout. We do not offer international shipping at this time.

When will pre-orders ship?

We have a limited supply of M, L, and XL now.  All other sizes (and additional orders beyond current stock) will ship in Summer 2023.

What is Alleviate’s return policy?

Alleviate products are backed by our risk-free guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we offer free returns for a full refund. Simply package your item(s) and apply an Alleviate-provided shipping label. Reach out to our team here or at for help with a return.

Can I pay for Loft 2 with my FSA/HSA card?

Because Loft 2 is still in early release, you cannot use your FSA/HSA card for payment at this time.  We will support FSA/HSA for Loft 2 in the future. However, for all other Alleviate products, you can use your FSA or HSA card as a payment option in checkout, like any other credit card.

How can I contact Alleviate with other questions?

We would love to hear from you. To get in touch with our team, fill out this form or email us at

What's new for Loft 2?

Loft 2 is completely redesigned for improved fit and performance:

-The adjustable Arch Power Strap replaces our Dial Lacing System for a fully customized level of support, lifting the arch to create and adjust relief in the areas where Plantar Fasciitis occurs

-The fully-integrated Arch Power Strap is anatomically positioned, allowing users to lift and adjust tension more easily

-Loft 2 is updated with a redesigned tongue system and form-fitting side panels that adjust to a broader range of foot shapes

-Loft 2 has a firm yet thin base plate that mimics the performance and sensation of professional applied therapeutic tape

-Loft 2 has a reduced profile for a more comfortable fit in most shoes

How is Loft 2 different from a traditional orthotic or compression sock?

Unlike a traditional orthotic or compression sock, Loft 2 replicates the effects of an expert taping job to simultaneously provide compression & relieve the load on your plantar fascia.  Loft 2 lifts your arch, fits in almost all shoes, and delivers in 3-4 days (unlike custom orthotics).

How do I use Loft 2?

Pull Loft 2 on, tie the laces, and wrap the arch power strap around your foot to a comfortable level that feels snug, then go about your day.  You can wear Loft 2 in existing shoes, with or without an existing orthotic, and with or without socks. If you do choose to wear a sock, we recommend thin socks -- the thinner the sock, the better you'll be able to feel your foot & get re-accustomed to using it to its fullest potential as it heals.

Will Loft 2 fit in my shoes?

Yes, Loft 2 fits in most shoes.  We designed Loft 2 with a firm, but non-rigid baseplate to make getting in and out of shoes easier compared to the original Loft.

Can I wear this with my existing orthotics? Should I?

As you’re introducing Loft 2 to your daily routine, we suggest changing one factor at a time in general as a safe practice. If you already use an orthotic, try Loft with your orthotic in your shoe to start (many orthotics are bulky -- there may not be enough room for both devices and in some cases, you may have to take out the orthotic). As you grow accustomed to Loft 2 and your pain diminishes, you can begin to wear it without the orthotic.

Will wearing socks impact Loft 2's effectiveness?

You won’t lose the efficacy of the device if you wear a sock, but bear in mind that we are trying to rehab you past the point of needing Loft 2. When you have no sock between your foot and Loft 2, you are awakening your awareness of your foot, allowing you to experience full functionality more completely. Ultimately, wearing a sock is ok, but the thinner the better.

Can I wear Loft 2 while I sleep?

You can wear Loft 2 while sleeping, and some users have found this beneficial for pain relief. However, your feet produce sweat during the day and night, and it’s important to give your foot a break from this environment so that you don’t damage healthy skin. Always inspect your feet before and after use of the product.

How should I wash Loft 2?

Machine wash Loft 2 on a delicate cycle and air dry! Do not tumble dry Loft 2.