What users of the alleviate system have to say:

"My patients suffer from chronic foot pain...most existing solutions don't work for them. Alleviate is different: it's like a one-stop shop for pain relief and long-term results. I've never seen anything so comprehensive and holistic for any condition."
"I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis for years and tried everything. The Loft is amazing: it truly is what got me through my last semester of clinicals (on my feet for 13 hours 3x/week), and I wear it when I run."
"I had given up on finding a solution that could completely eliminate foot pain. Then I found Alleviate. The system offers the combined benefit of a supportive brace as well as a simple and intuitive exercise program...nothing else out there comes close to this."
"I've dealt with plantar fasciitis for years...nothing relieved my pain as quickly as Alleviate! After just five days, I noticed a huge difference in how I felt getting out of bed in the morning...my lower legs feel better, my feet feel better and the mobility in my toes feels more fluid."
I use my Arch Massager as a regular part of my training & competition routine to stay ahead of injury and perform at my best. I can feel the difference, and I recommend it. You don't have to be an elite athlete to want your feet to feel better.

Alleviate Plantar Fasciitis System

Our comprehensive, research-backed, and athlete-tested system for managing plantar fasciitis. 

Designed by experts as a holistic method which will immediately relieve foot pain, repair scar tissue, and rebuild the arch in the long term.

Explore the elements of the Alleviate System:


Relieve pain instantly

The Loft brace provides arch support and unloads the plantar fascia, giving you instant relief and allowing you to return to the activities you love.

Arch Massager

Repair the tissue causing your pain

The Arch Massager breaks up scar tissue and accelerates healing, recreating professional treatment at home.

Arch Exercise Program

Rebuild strength in the long term

The Arch Exercise Program offers easy-to-follow rehab exercises, progress tracking, and on-demand expert feedback to help you build strength and stay healthy.

Included with all purchases

Discover the Updated Alleviate Tools:

Plantar Fasciitis System 2

Gold standard of Plantar Fasciitis care, only better

The new Plantar Fasciitis System 2 includes the redesigned Loft 2 Brace, the Arch Massager and access to the Arch Exercise Program. The comprehensive System 2 has everything you need to heal Plantar Fasciitis, for good.

The Loft 2 Brace

Immediate pain relief, reimagined

The newly redesigned Loft 2 Brace lifts the arch, reduces the load and relieves pain immediately. Wear it during any activities that cause you pain, and stay active while you heal.