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Alleviate System for Plantar Fasciitis


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What is Alleviate’s shipping policy?

We offer free shipping for orders over $100 in the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska will be calculated at checkout. We do not offer international shipping at this time.


What is Alleviate’s return policy? 

Alleviate products are backed by our risk-free guarantee. If you’re not happy with your purchase, we offer free exchanges and free returns for a full refund on most items. Please see here for product-specific exclusions, and reach out to our team at info@alleviatetherapy.com for help with a return.


Can I pay for Alleviate products with my FSA/HSA card?

Yes! For most Alleviate products, you can use your FSA or HSA card as a payment option in checkout, like any other credit card. The exceptions are the Plantar Fasciitis System | Performance Edition, the Recovery Balm and the Guided Recovery Programs.


Why isn’t my FSA/HSA card payment going through?

If your purchase includes the Plantar Fasciitis System | Performance Edition, the Recovery Balm and the Guided Recovery Programs, your FSA/HSA card payment won't go through, because these products are not eligible.

FSA/HSA cards may be declined when there are insufficient funds in an account or new cards have been issued. If you are having trouble paying with your FSA or HSA card, reach out to your employer or plan administrator. In most cases, the phone number for your plan administrator can be found on the back of your FSA or HSA card.


How can I contact Alleviate with other questions?   

We'd love to hear from you. To get in touch with our team, fill out this form or email us at info@alleviatetherapy.com


Alleviate System for Plantar Fasciitis

How do I know the Alleviate System will work?

Take the foot pain quiz here to see which Alleviate tools are the right fit.

Each component of the three-part Alleviate System (Loft, Arch Massager, and Arch Exercise Program) has been designed by experts to recreate proven professional techniques for healing plantar fasciitis. The system is designed to be comprehensive: it relieves pain immediately and transforms the structure of your arch over time so you can stay pain-free in the long term.

We give you every tool you need to treat plantar fasciitis at home: the Loft brace relieves pain immediately by reducing stress on the injured tissue in your plantar fascia; the Arch Massager breaks up injured tissue & promotes healing throughout the plantar fascia; and the Arch Exercise Program offers customized rehab exercises to rebuild your arch and stay healthy in the long term. If something doesn't work out for you, get in touch -- our products are backed by research and our risk-free guarantee. 


Loft Brace

How does the Loft brace work? 

The Loft's three key components work together to provide relief by unloading the stress on your plantar fascia. 

  • The Dial Lacing System offers a precise and performance-ready fit. The laces act as a suspension bridge, lifting the arch for immediate pain relief. 
  • The Arch Plate is anatomically designed to adapt to the structure of your foot with a reinforced basket-weave pattern for sturdy yet pliable support
  • The Heel Pad creates extra cushion for the part of your foot that can hurt the most, eliminating those painful first steps in the morning.


How is the Loft different from a traditional orthotic or compression sock? 

The Loft combines the benefits of a compression sock & a traditional orthotic at an increased level of efficacy & usability. The Loft is designed to simultaneously provide compression & relieve the load on your plantar fascia, while offering a performance-ready fit which can be adjusted on the go without removing your shoe. Loft lifts your arch, fits in almost all shoes, and delivers in 3-4 days (unlike custom orthotics). 


How do I use the Loft? 

Pull the Loft on and tighten the dial lacing to a comfortable level that feels snug, then go about your day! You can wear the Loft in existing shoes, with or without an existing orthotic, and with or without socks. Wearing socks with Loft can help you get Loft on/off more easily, and is more comfortable for some people. If you do choose to wear a sock, we recommend thin socks -- the thinner the sock, the better you'll be able to feel your foot & get re-accustomed to using it to its fullest potential as it heals. 


Will the Loft fit in my shoes? 

Yes, the Loft fits in most shoes. We designed the Loft with low-profile, breathable materials so it can be worn whenever and wherever you need support.


Loft is hard to pull on and off; what should I do? 

Check out this tutorial:

The Loft brace mimics an expert tape job, so it should feel snug. The brace was designed to hug and support your foot, so it may be hard to take off at first.

If you’re concerned about breaking it, don’t be! The Loft is made with durable materials and tested by elite athletes.

Don't give up!  Make sure to put it on and take it off twice before deciding it won't fit. It does "break in" substantially after the first on-and-off process.

If you get your Loft on, walk around in it, and think you have the wrong size, feel free to reach out to us here


Can I wear this with my existing orthotics? Should I? 

As you’re introducing the Loft to your daily routine, we suggest changing one factor at a time in general as a safe practice. If you already use an orthotic, try Loft with your orthotic in your shoe to start (many orthotics are bulky -- there may not be enough room for both devices and in some cases, you may have to take out the orthotic). As you grow accustomed to the Loft and your pain diminishes, you can begin to wear it without the orthotic. 


Can I wear Loft while I sleep?

You can wear the Loft while sleeping, and some users have found this beneficial for pain relief. However, your feet produce sweat during the day and night, and it’s important to give your foot a break from this environment so that you don’t damage healthy skin. Always inspect your feet before and after use of the product.


What size Loft should I order?

You can find our size chart here.


How should I wash Loft? 

You can machine wash Loft on a delicate cycle and air dry! Do not tumble dry Loft.


Arch Massager

What does the Arch Massager do?  

The geometry of the Arch Massager is precision-engineered to help you massage painful spots at home with the same amount of pressure created by steel Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Massage tools.  


Can I overdo it? 

Yes. Our recommendation is 2-3 minutes per session, 2 times per day. Excessive massage risks further stress on damaged tissue. You should feel some discomfort, but not pain, during or after massage; pain is the sign you may be overdoing it. Note: we do not recommend the Arch Massager for people with impaired sensation in feet.


What should I expect to feel? 

When you apply the right amount of pressure to create a change in your damaged tissue, you may feel some discomfort, but you should not be in pain. Many of our users describe the “hurts so good” feeling that you get from a deep, targeted massage. 


How / why does this work? 

Our patented self-massage tool is engineered to help you heal faster by delivering a recreation of a professional-grade sports massage. This methodology boosts circulation, breaks up scar tissue, and aligns your muscles and tendons. The dual-arch design targets specific points of the foot at the right angles with the right level of pressure to promote healing. 


Arch Exercise Program  

What should I expect from the Arch Exercise Program?

The Arch Exercise Program is a digital physical therapy program, available on mobile & desktop, which is designed to strengthen and stabilize your foot, ankle, and leg to support long-term recovery from Plantar Fasciitis. The program walks you through six phases of research-based strengthening exercises to help rebuild your arch so you can get back to the activities you love. While the exercises may repeat, they will become more challenging, with higher repetitions and longer segments.


How much time will I have to commit? 

Each personalized arch exercise routine takes between 12 and 15 minutes to complete, and we recommend completing the routine 4 times per week for best results. 


What makes the exercise program effective? 

The Arch Exercise Program walks you through a phased progression of simple, research-backed exercises to progressively build strength and stability throughout the connected chain comprised of your arch, foot, ankle, and leg.


How do I access the exercise program?

The Arch Exercise program is free with the purchase of any Alleviate product. You can log in here.