Problem:  I've watched the video but still struggled to get the brace on and off.  

It might sound crazy but -- try it again!  Sometimes a brace needs to go through 2 cycles of going on / coming off before it really opens up.  Plus, your "feel" will improve each time you put it on.  So before you give up completely, give it a second go-round of putting on / taking off.    

As a reference, here is a checklist of the steps outlined in the video:

Preparing your Loft:

  1. Wear thin socks, at least for the first time you put it on..
  2. Stretch both of the openings.  Like most shoes the Loft will loosen up with each time you wear it.  The first time you put it on you may need to give it a stretch so that it slides on with ease.
  3. Pull the velcro ankle strap completely undone and is pull it out of the rings.
  4. The ratchet is pulled out which will unlock the laces and allow them to fully extend.

Putting on your Loft:

  1. Cross your leg over your knee before trying to put the Loft on.
  2. Use the loop at the back of the Loft to grip the brace. 
  3. With your leg crossed over your knee and your hand holding the donning loop on the back of the Loft, simultaneously pull your hand toward the back of the room as you push your foot into the brace.  The opposite directions of these two motions should allow the Loft to easily slide onto your foot.

If you are still having trouble please refer to sections below that may address the exact issue that you are experiencing.  If you do not see a solution listed below please contact us by clicking here and we will be sure to help you.

Problem:  I've watched the video, I've followed the checklist and I REALLY just can't get this thing on. 

There are two possibilities here - the first is that you just need to size up, and customer service will help you with that (  That solves >95% of problems where the brace won’t go on.  

If you go a size up and that doesn’t work either, it's likely that our product just isn't compatible with the anatomy of your foot and ankle.  It’s amazing how much variation there is in peoples’ feet and ankles, and Loft has to be tight and form-fitting to be effective.  Unfortunately that means there are some people it just won’t fit.  We are working on versions of the product that fit a broader range of anatomies, and people who need to return their product are eligible to join the list for when those versions are available.  

As always, if our product doesn't work for you, for whatever reason, it is backed by our risk-free guarantee.  Reach out to our team at for help with a return. 


Problem:  I got it on, but it just isn't comfortable.

  1. First and foremost – if putting on or wearing the braces causes pain, stop using it and reach out to  It’s supposed to relieve pain - if it’s aggravating your foot, which happens in rare cases, that’s a clear sign this product isn’t for you.  You’ll get your money back, no question.
  2. If it just kinda feels weird and unnatural – try walking around for 2-3 minutes.  For most people, they forget it’s on by that time.  
  3. If you’ve walked around a bit and it still just doesn’t feel right, reach out to us and we’ll process a return.

Problem:  I got it on, but I can't tell if it's doing anything.

Most people with plantar fasciitis get an instant "ah-ha" moment when they slide the Loft onto their foot.  If you are struggling to feel a difference in pain reduction, try this simple test (ignoring the part about marking your pain down in your app).

Barefoot, walk on your heels a few steps forwards and backwards.  Then put the Loft on and try it again.  With the Loft on, you should experience a noticeable, positive improvement in the severity of your pain.  About 90% of people report a noticeable improvement using this 'test and retest' with the Loft.  

If you're in that 10%, and you don't feel an improvement, reach out to us and we can provide more in-depth tests to see if it will work for you, or, if that fails, process and return / refund.


Problem:  I got it on, and it fits -- BUT it's too tight around my ankle

Contact us here and our team will help assess the right solution.  You may need an exchange for a larger size, or we may be able to provide you with ankle strap extensions.  Both solutions are free to you.

Problem:  I have arthritis or other issues with my hands / fingers and can't pull hard enough to get the brace on. 

Unfortunately this might mean our product isn’t for you.  It does require some hard pulling, and anyone with compromised fingers or hands may have pain or injure themselves pulling on Loft.  If you’ve given it a try and it feels like too much on your fingers / hands, write us at and we’ll get you a return for a full refund.   

Problem:  I can't cross my foot over my knee like in the video.

That’s pretty common!  Some people have hip or knee injuries, or are just naturally anatomically not able to cross their feet over their knees.  Try this technique instead (it requires you to pull a little harder).

Problem:  I wear a wide shoe and my foot won't go in the brace.


  1. If you wear a “single-wide” or “E” width, you probably just need the next size up.  Contact and we’ll get an exchange sent your way in <24 hours.
  2. If you wear wider than an E width, it’s unlikely that Loft will work for you.  Write us at and we’ll send you a pre-paid return label and get you a refund.  

Problem:  I got it on, now I can't get it off!


  1. Don't panic!  It's going to come off.
  2. Follow the steps in this video at 4:04 .  If that doesn't work:
  3. Make sure the velcro is pulled completely out of the rings
  4. Make sure the ratchet is dis-engaged by pulling it away from your shin til it clicks.
  5. Loosen the laces with your fingers as much as you can.
  6. Wiggle the heel, pushing towards the front of your foot with your hand.
  7. If all else fails, you can ask someone else to take off for you.
  8. If THAT fails, or it isn't an option --- we will NOT hold you responsible for any damage that comes to the product from you getting it off.  If you're stuck, and you cut it, rip it, whatever -- we'll give you your money back and a sincere apology.  (Note:  we've never actually had this happen)