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Arch Massager 12-pack
Arch Massager 12-pack

Arch Massager 12-pack



Treat the Root Cause of Your Foot Pain

Our best-seller. Regular massage with the Arch Massager breaks up painful scar tissue, reduces tension and accelerates recovery from foot pain conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis. Included for a limited time lasting results, use the Arch Exercise Program.


For best results, use the Recovery Balm ($12) with the Arch Massager.


For best results, apply the Recovery Balm ($12) before every use.


Professional Arch Support, in Your Own Hands

Luke Ferdinands, physical therapist, designed the Loft 2 Brace. Mimicing the professional tape job he gives to his patients with foot pain, the Loft 2 reduces the load on the plantar fascia, gives you immediate pain relief and protects the sensitive tissue while you stay active. Here's how - and why - the Loft 2 Brace works.

Take Control of Plantar Fasciitis with the Arch Massager


Use this purpose-built Plantar Fasciitis massage tool for 2 minutes right when you wake up and start your day pain-free.

  • Break up your painful scar tissue and promote the growth of healthier, stronger tissue, with a professional-grade sports massage at home
  • Apply just the right amount of pressure to exactly where you need it, using the dual peaks
  • Easily replicate the physical therapy massage that brings quick pain relief and full, sustained resolution


Use the Arch Exercise Program (included with purchase for a limited time) to progressively build the strength and stability necessary for sustained recovery.

  • Set your funcional goal and follow the daily recovery routine, cusotmized for you
  • Progress through 6 levels of PT-led exercises to build strength throughout your entire lower body
  • Stop wondering, "Is this really working?" Always know what to do, how to do it, and how it's working

Intention in Every Feature

Supercharge your recovery.

Pair the Arch Massager with the Recovery Balm to multiply the efficacy of your massage. Apply an even, controlled pressure in all problem areas with the smooth glide of the Balm.

Reach everywhere.

Start with the gentle, low peak and incorporate the sharper high peak as you progress. Use the sides to reach where balls, bottles and other massage solutions simply can't.

Stop the slip.

Fold out the non-slip feet to steadily apply the right amount of pressure on the hot spots. Fold in the feet for easy transport and on-the-go massage anywhere.

Feel the grip.

Dimpled surface creates just enough friction to effectively realign the tissue. The durable surface cleans easily with a damp cloth.

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The Alleviate Method

We started Alleviate as a patient-clinician duo, fed up with ineffective solutions and hindered by a broken industry. Driven by an insatiable desire to solve problems, we embarked on a mission: to make high-quality treatment for common, chronic, and debilitating injuries accessible to everyone.

We're bringing the gold standards of Physical Therapy treatment right to your doorstep. Our approach integrates the essential trifecta of soft tissue mobilization, load management, and progressive strengthening programs - creating all-in-one treatment solutions for chronic pain conditions.

Our products are more than just solutions; they are your partners on the journey to recovery. With our tools and your dedication, you can take control of your healing process and reclaim what moves you.