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PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System
PTTD System

PTTD System

At-Home PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction) Treatment System


Guidance and All the Tools You Need to Heal PTTD Yourself

A total at-home solution for PTTD, based on the gold standard of PTTD treatment. Wear the Loft 2 Brace to lift the arch and unburden the affected posterior tibial tendon, for immediate pain relief. Use the medical-grade Compression Socks to reduce swelling. A 3-minute massage with the Arch Massager releases tension, and a 15-minute/day routine in the Guided Recovery Program rebuilds strength and prevents flare-ups.

Physical Therapist-Designed

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Supercharge your recovery: for best results, use the Recovery Balm ($12) with your massage routine.

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"Heel pain reduced to a slight tingling."

"After 3 weeks, my morning first out of bed heel pain is reduced to a slight tingling. I am at level 3, but will continue the exercises to maintain strength in my foot. Thank you. Most other tennis players claim it took much longer to recover and I was fearful I might be in for a long haul."

- Jeff Y.

Professional Arch Support, in Your Own Hands

Luke Ferdinands, physical therapist, designed the Loft 2 Brace. Mimicing the professional tape job he gives to his patients with foot pain, the Loft 2 reduces the load on the plantar fascia, gives you immediate pain relief and protects the sensitive tissue while you stay active. Here's how - and why - the Loft 2 Brace works.

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"A no-brainer."

"Alleviate is a one-stop shop for pain relief and long-term results. Patients can self-release and self-manipulate tissue, using physical products. The instructional exercise videos are both informative and effective, and housed in an app that visually depicts a patient’s progress over time. It's a no-brainer!"

- Dr. Matthew Butler, Podiatrist

20,000+ Alleviate Users Have Recovered. So Can You.

We're reinventing physical therapy with the Alleviate Method. It's the gold standard of physical therapy, without the traditional roadblocks. See how they compare:

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Effective PTTD Treatment, Targeting the Root Cause

PTTD* occurs when the tendon connecting the calf muscle to the inside of the foot (called tibialis posterior) gets overloaded and becomes inflamed or damaged. This vital tendon supports the arch of your foot, and when it weakens or tears, you can experience pain, swelling, and collapsed arch. PTTD can make everyday activities like walking or standing painful and difficult.

Given the root cause, the first order of business with PTTD treatment is to unload the injured tendon so it can heal. The gold standard of physical therapy - now available as an at-home solution through the Alleviate Method - combines multiple treatment methods to resolve the root cause of this condition.

*We refer to PTTD (Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction) with a few different names: Posterior tibial tendinitis/tendonitis, tibial tendinopathy, flat foot or flatfoot, overpronation, collapsed arch, Acquired Adult Flatfoot Deformity (AAFD), and more.

At-Home PTTD Treatment without Compromises

Each tool in the PTTD System specifically targets the root causes and debilitating symptoms of PTTD. Working together, these tools take you beyond temporary relief like a skilled PT.

PTTD System Collapsed Arch.png__PID:53fd083b-772e-472a-9b71-765e8a544ac4
PTTD System Load Management.png__PID:fd083b77-2e77-4a1b-b176-5e8a544ac40a
PTTD System Swelling.png__PID:7a5a63ce-a76f-4e2d-8253-b63576df8e15
PTTD System Venous Return.png__PID:ae7a5a63-cea7-4fee-adc2-53b63576df8e
PTTD System Tightness.png__PID:083b772e-772a-4b71-b65e-8a544ac40a03
PTTD System Soft Tissue Mobilization.png__PID:3b772e77-2a1b-4176-9e8a-544ac40a03e9
PTTD System Weakness.png__PID:40ae7a5a-63ce-476f-ae2d-c253b63576df
PTTD System Progressive Strengthening.png__PID:d940ae7a-5a63-4ea7-afee-2dc253b63576

Four Tools to Take Control of PTTD

Use the comprehensive System to follow the gold standard of physical therapy treatment for PTTD.

1. Your PTTD Recovery Hub

PF GRP Side Leg Raise with Screenshot Circle 360x240.png__PID:8dec8ec8-a61c-43c2-9bbe-89667d3d4262

The Guided Recovery Program

With the iOS/Android Alleviate App, know exactly what to do each day to heal and keep flare-ups at bay.

  • Set your goal, get a recovery roadmap, and commit to just 15 minutes a day.
  • Progressively build strength and stability at your own pace, with six levels of easy-to-follow, PTTD exercise videos.
  • Learn the best ways to use your PTTD treatment tools to maximize the benefits.

Get expert coaching from Luke, our co-founder and seasoned physical therapist. We're with you, every step of the way.

2. A Durable PTTD Tape Job

System 2 Loft 2ith Taping.png__PID:b5e45d0e-4f05-4e68-862b-bf1ad6bb2ddf

The Loft 2 Brace

Don't let pain stop you from doing what you love. Loft 2 Brace is your key to active recovery.

  • Use the Arch Power Strap to help the affected tendon support the arch.
  • Wear the Loft 2 Brace during any activity that causes you PTTD pain.
  • Lighten the strain on your tibialis posterior tendon so it can heal - no need to learn how to tape PTTD yourself.

Replicating the low-dye taping that skilled physical therapists use to treat PTTD, the Loft 2 Brace immediately relieves pain and lets the injured tissue heal.

3. A Powerful Defense Against Swelling

PTTD System Compression Socks Lifestyle with Circle.png__PID:a56275a0-0478-4a75-abcb-efa23f022b28

The Performance Compression Socks

Prevent fluid accumulation and swelling that interferes with the smooth functioning of the posterior tibialis tendon.

  • Wear the medical-grade Performance Compression Socks throughout the day to keep foot, ankle, and calf swelling in check.

Coupling powerful, full-length compression with stretchy, breathable comfort, our compression socks are built for all-day wear.

4. A Pro-Level Deep Tissue Massage Tool

System 2 Massager with IASTM.png__PID:23b5e45d-0e4f-45ce-a806-2bbf1ad6bb2d

The Arch Massager

Our best-seller, the Arch Massager makes it easy to self-administer the Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization technique that physical therapists use to treat PTTD.

  • Spend just 2-3 minutes a day to heal the small muscles that work with the posterior tibial tendon to maintain the healthy arch.
  • With targeted massage, release tension and pain that accumulate in the muscles and tendons in the foot due to PTTD.

Even better, use it with the Recovery Balm so that you can apply deliberate pressure in all the right spots without friction.

Own Your Recovery


Get the Roadmap to Your Goal.

Tell us about your foot pain and what you want to do, pain-free. We'll guide you through the 6-level program toward your functional goal. It'll take work, but we'll be with you, every step of the way.


Commit to 10 Minutes a Day.

Based on the Alleviate tools you have and your functional goal, we'll build you a clear roadmap to recovery. All you need to do is follow your customized daily routine each day.

[optional] Follow-along videos, quick references, massage how-tos - everything you need to know is just a tap away, so you don't have to go down the Google rabbit hole.


Resolve the Root Cause.

Just 2-3 minutes a day with the Arch Massager breaks up the build-up of scar tissue that causes pain, releases tension in the foot and makes real healing happen.

Massager in Use with GRP.png__PID:fe5361a3-f807-4679-9e07-e00406239ec4
Loft 2 Donning.png__PID:09fe5361-a3f8-4746-b9de-07e00406239e

Stay Active While You Heal.

You decide when you are ready to level up. Track your work, visualize your progress and celebrate your milestones, until you achieve your functional goal.

[optional] Plantar Fasciitis has a high recurrence rate, but with preventive use of the app, you can stay free of flare-ups, too.


Achieve Pain-Free, at Your Own Pace.

Follow the Plantar Fasciitis-specific PT exercises, designed to progressively build your lower body strength and overall stability. Luke Fertinands, our co-founder and physical therapist, will be your guide.

[optional] Don't worry - rest days are built into the program! You'll do the exercise routine just 4 days each week.


Every Detail, Designed for Results

PF GRP Features 450x675.png__PID:bab36ab3-fec5-4a44-8c1a-6dc8fd6730a2

Take ownership.

Streak counts, progress assessments, reminders, and more - lean on the Guided Recovery Program to win the mental game and stick to your daily routine.

Socks & Loft 2 Donning Locker Room.png__PID:87f978cc-699a-4b15-b4a4-7cb557c25894

Get relief now.

Pull the Loft 2 Brace's Power Strap across your foot and reduce the load placed on your arch. It relieves pain and protects the tissue while you stay active as you heal.

Loft 2 Support Wires.png__PID:409ea9f2-ce8a-45ec-b18d-cf5814ced297

Wear it anytime.

Wear the Loft 2 Brace even for the sweatiest of activities. The breathable brace is machine-washable. Wires knit into the fabric keeps it low-profile yet supportive.

Reach everywhere.

Start with the gentle, low peak and incorporate the sharper high peak as you progress. Use the sides to reach where balls, bottles and other massage solutions simply can't.

Grippy Bottom with Legs.png__PID:f5f23607-6218-45a5-809e-a9f2ce8a15ec

Feel the grip.

Dimpled surface creates just enough friction to effectively realign the tissue. Fold-out legs keep the massager in place. Fold them in, and toss it in your bag for on-the-go relief.

Hear from Our Customers


The Alleviate Method

We started Alleviate as a patient-clinician duo, fed up with ineffective solutions and hindered by a broken industry. Driven by an insatiable desire to solve problems, we embarked on a mission: to make high-quality treatment for common, chronic, and debilitating injuries accessible to everyone.

We're bringing the gold standards of Physical Therapy treatment right to your doorstep. Our approach integrates the essential trifecta of soft tissue mobilization, load management, and progressive strengthening programs - creating all-in-one treatment solutions for chronic pain conditions.

Our products are more than just solutions; they are your partners on the journey to recovery. With our tools and your dedication, you can take control of your healing process and reclaim what moves you.