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Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Success Stories

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Take it from our community of security professionals, nurses, teachers, athletes, and those who love being active: Plantar Fasciitis can affect people in every walk of life. When your job, hobby or passion project depends on you being on your feet, a complete pain solution is needed, but you can make full recovery with the right treatment approach for Plantar Fasciitis. Check out real success stories from our customers who healed for good.

Stories of Plantar Fasciitis Recovery

"Thank you for making a product that actually works, I do armed security for a living and I’m constantly on my feet. I’ve spent really good money on insoles and socks, which helped, but this absolutely took the cake for solving my foot pain issues."

“I was so impressed with the relief from the brace I had a friend try it as well. We are nurses that work 12-hour shifts … She was AMAZED at being able to actually walk again without pain.”

"I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis for years and tried everything. The Loft is amazing: it truly is what got me through my last semester of clinicals (on my feet for 13 hours 3x/week), and I wear it when I run."

“I’m a four-time Olympic trials qualifier in the marathon. The Arch Massager has been very effective in my comeback from Planter Fasciitis and Achilles Tendonitis. My favorite thing about this tool is that it is simple and quick and has been effective in keeping me healthy.”

“I use my Arch Massager as a regular part of my training & competition routine to stay ahead of injury and perform at my best. I can feel the difference, and I recommend it. You don't have to be an elite athlete to want your feet to feel better.”

“I’ve been doing endurance sports recreationally for 30 years, and my sporadic plantar fasciitis has been going on for decades. I’ve used inserts and a taping technique for years, but it keeps cropping up … With Alleviate's Plantar Fasciitis brace, the relief over a sustained period is noticeable … [and] the virtual PT program is on target for my need.”

Join our community, achieve full, lasting recovery and reclaim what moves you. If you want to learn more or have a question, please reach out. We're at

Alleviate Tools for Your Plantar Fasciitis Recovery

Aim for top performance with the Performance Edition, opt for the comprehensive Plantar Fasciitis System, or round out your foot pain solutions with just what you need - either way, you'll be bringing the proven gold standard of physical therapy treatment to your own home.