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Crystal's Tennis Elbow Story

Yu Kizawa


Meet Crystal - an amateur sword fighter, IT pro, and a temporary mom of three kids under 11. After suffering from Tennis Elbow for almost a decade, she signed up to beta-test the Tennis Elbow System for Alleviate.

Feeling the immediate difference the System made - and an accident that could have been tragic - nudged her to finally take ownership of her recovery from chronic pain. This is her story.

[Video] Crystal's Tennis Elbow Story

My name is Crystal. I've been suffering with Tennis Elbow for the last - nearly a decade. I’m currently working at Kroger in the IT department.

"A sword fighting drill, and a shooting pain up my arm"

I happened upon a Groupon for sword fighting. A lot of the movements are repetitive wrist and elbow movements.

I figured that it would be something that I would really enjoy because I like grappling, track and field. I am working my way up to having a full kit, and then hopefully one day enter my first competition.

I was standing outside in the yard doing flow drills and the last time that I dipped the sword over my elbow to bring it back, I felt like a shooting pain up my arm, and I was just like, wow I probably shouldn't do that again right now, let me go and take like some Mytol or something but I never thought to like stop what I was doing. I may have been gripping too tight.

"But I'd like to not have to medicate daily"

The pain is in my wrist and in my elbow, sometimes in the front and sometimes in the back. Sometimes there's some pain up my arm.

What I usually try to do is just take a couple of Advil or something beforehand. I'm left-handed, but at work I type, so I'll usually type a lot more with my right than with my left in the morning.

I'll usually pop two Advil cause they're good for the whole day - but I'd like to not have to medicate daily. I think Advil dulls the nerve so it's not helping but I don't feel it, and so that's helpful. This is definitely band-aiding, Advil and Tylenol and Ibuprofen and everything else, those things are not great for the long term. 

"It made me just want to literally drop everything"

Currently, I am the temporary guardian for three children: an 11-year-old girl, a 6-year-old boy, and a 3-year-old boy.

We went out to a pool. We were getting into the water and as I was climbing down the ladder, I felt this sharp pain in my wrist and it shot up. It made me just want to literally like drop everything.

And at the time it was a three-year-old, and that was not super great. He slipped below the water and I grabbed him out.

I shouldn't have been in so much pain that I let go of everything.

I felt regretful that I wasn't addressing my physical health as well as I could be and I just hoped that he wouldn't hold on to that memory forever.

"Skeptical... it's just going to magically make it better?"

I felt like, at first skeptical, I guess, because I'm just like, I'm going to come here and do these stretches and things, and I do these stretches at home and then what, it's just going to magically make everything better with the equipment that you guys have?

I feel like I'm going to be pain-free in no time flat. It feels good, feels good to have a home coach, like, like a good compression. And I was like how is this thing, it's non-surgical and non-oral medication, how is this going to help? And then I was very pleasantly surprised when it did.

I was thinking wow, this is actually helping, this is it, this is the non-surgical way that I'm going to get my pain under control and eventually alleviated!

I think that this is innovative, I think that it feels like it's something that's going to be disrupting the industry and I’m super stoked to get in on the ground floor. Thank you guys!

"The non-surgical way to get elbow pain under control"

the Alleviate Tennis Elbow SystemLike Crystal, many people with Tennis Elbow live with the pain for a long, long time. Life gets in the way. The treatments doctors and Internet strangers recommend don't make much of a difference. It's sometimes easier to just take Advil than look for yet another solution that may or may not work.

We formed Alleviate to change all that. Developed in physical therapy, an effective playbook for Tennis Elbow treatment already exists - and we are bringing these physical therapy tools and methodology to your home:, in the form of the Alleviate Tennis Elbow System.

  1. Use the Elbow Massager to resolve the root cause of your pain.
  2. Follow the Tennis Elbow Guided Recovery Program to strengthen the whole chain of movement and prevent flare-ups.
  3. Wear the Elbow Brace to reduce the load going through the damaged tendon, quickly relieving pain.

Using the comprehensive System, it takes just 15 minutes a day, at home, to go back to living your full life. Learn more here.